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Kira & Anders are circus artist specialised in Chinese pole, partner acrobatics and aerial acrobatics. They have worked together since 2012 and are both professionally and privately a couple. Apart from the day-to-day absurdities of living together they enjoy dancing on stage as well as through all other aspects of life. Both live and train in Cologne, Germany.

Since 2018 the duo is touring with the street-theatre-performance “The fantastic gramophone“ through Germany and the rest of Europe. 

Kira learned her acrobatic skills doing equestrian vaulting and competed on an international level. Later she specialised in the circus arts and graduated 2013 as a circus pedagog. An important part of her work is doing social circus with fugitives in areas of crisis around the world.

Anders, born in Denmark, graduated with a Bachelor in Circus Arts from Codarts in Rotterdam 2010, and has since worked for several contemporary circus, dance and theatre companies. He specialized in hand-to-hand acrobatics and chinese pole. He also enjoys juggling and playing guitar.


December 2023 and January 2024 we will play at Winterspektakel in Hamburg

19/11/2023 we will play in Cologne at Zeit f√ľr Zirkus

Kira&Anders were playing at "Germany's got Talent" (Das Supertalent)
You can watch the video here

We are part of Boardwalk-Theater

Enjoy our lock-down video:
Mr. & Mrs. Twistly in quarantine

20/04Masur VariéteWermelskirchen
13/05MarktplatzfestRemseck am Neckar
27/05-29/05Once upon a timeDortmund
17/06Ronde VenenMijdrecht (NL)
25/06Bike'n ArtWedemark
08/07Bad FestBad Salzungen
15/07Sommer KölnKöln
06/08Remscheider SommerRemscheid
13/08Sagenhaft und SchwindelfreiTux (AU)
19/08Lange Nacht der KunstAhrenshoop
23/08-24/08Waves FestivalVordingborg (DK)
25/08-27/08H.C.Andersen festivalOdense (DK)
15/10StrassentheaterfestBad Friedrichshall
14/4‚ÄčBenefiz Variet√©K√∂ln
5/5-6/5‚ÄčBoardwalk TheaterWeimar
3/6-4/6‚ÄčZwolle UnlimitedZwolle (NL)
5/6‚ÄčOpen OhrMainz
9/6‚ÄčWelttheater der Stra√üeSchwerte
19/6‚ÄčB√ľrgerfest Holweide‚ÄčK√∂ln
3/7‚ÄčKulturuferfestBingen am Rhein
12/7‚ÄčVon Nord nach WestBremen
13/7‚ÄčVon Nord nach WestOsnabr√ľck
14/7‚ÄčVon Nord nach WestM√ľllheim a.d. Ruhr
15/7‚ÄčVon Nord nach WestL√∂hne
16/7‚ÄčBoardwalk TheaterWittenberge
18/7‚ÄčVon Nord nach WestArnsberg
19/7‚ÄčVon Nord nach WestWuppertal
20/7‚ÄčVon Nord nach WestDinslaken
21/7‚ÄčVon Nord nach WestKronberg
22/7‚ÄčVon Nord nach WestTroisdorf
5/8-7/8‚ÄčBoardwalk TheaterBruneck (IT)
28/8‚ÄčStraattheaterfestivalBeveren (BE)
9/10-11/10‚ÄčBoardwalk TheaterTorgau
16/10Straßen-Theater-FestBad Friedrichshall
20/6-21/6Boardwalk TheaterKronberg
2/7-3/7Plan B (Via Thea)Görlitz
17/7-18/7Boardwalk TheaterWörth am Rhein
24/7Boardwalk TheaterN√ľrnberg
25/7Open-air VeranstaltungOelde
6/8-8/8Boardwalk TheaterBruneck (IT)
21/8-22/8Der Waschtag (BuGa)Erfurt
26/8-28/8H.C. Andersen FestivalOdense (DK)
12/9Boardwalk Theater‚ÄčLangenau
17/10Straßen-Theater-FestBad Friedrichshall
16/7Stra√üentheater Plan BM√ľllheim a.d. Ruhr
30/7Boardwalk TheaterSchwalbach am Taunus
31/7Open-Air im S√ľdpolHerne
26/8Straßentheater Plan BKöln
30/8Straßentheater BISMönchengladbach
11/9-13/9BruccaKalbe an der Milde
18/9-20/9OeverloosZutphen (NL)
17/10-25/10INFA MesseHannover
10/5- 12/5PflasterartBad Oldesloe
25/5- 26/5Kontakt!Bamberg
7/6- 10/6KleinkunstfestivalUsedom
13/6- 16/6Ma√Īana Ma√ĪanaVorden, NL
20/7- 21/7Zwarte CrossLichtenvoorde, NL
23/7- 25/7Berlin LachtBerlin
27/7- 28/7GauklerFestungKoblenz
1/8- 4/8K√ľnstler & MeerScharbeutz
9/8- 10/8Inselzirkus DobbelinoJuist
16/8- 17/8Inselzirkus DobbelinoJuist
24/8- 25/8Th√ľringer GartentageErfurt


25 or 45 minutes open-air show

Like every other afternoon Mr & Mrs Twistly are rehearsing new dance steps in their livingroom interrupted by the occasional marital bickering.
And like every other afternoon, nothing goes as planed, courtesy of the kooky gramophone, which seems to have a life of its own. Nothing on this afternoon goes according to plan, and both sympathetic characters tries, despite all the commotion to keep calm and keep up appearance.
Dive into the entertaining world of the roaring twenties and experience the beauty and the absurd in living together. Acrobatic highlights on the Chinese Pole, whimsical surprises and poetry. All welcome! 

Marie-Joelle Wolf
Yellow Count Production
Daniel Calladine
Lena Hermann
Klaudia Paas
Nicolas Schoffers
Sarah Paas
Thanks to
Latibul Köln
30 minutes open-air show

This is the story of Mr. & Mrs. Twistly, who are on their way to their long-awaited holiday. But everything turns out differently than planned.
Unfortunately, the two have to pass their time on the platform as their train is delayed. Luckily, however, there is their large suitcase, which quickly dispels the initial boredom. Filled with many absurd and funny surprises and a lot of attention to detail, the suitcase keeps taking on new shapes. The two characters tell their story with elements of partner acrobatics on the ground and on the Chinese pole. The charming world of the 1920s provides the setting for this whimsical, poetic and impressive show. 

Directed byMarie-Joelle Wolf
Voice overDaniel Calladine
CostumeMonika Odenthal
Chinese Pole build byGuido Struss/
Additional constructionNicolas Schoffers
CameraJoe Dieffenbacher
PhotosJörn Neumann
Thanks toLatibul Köln


Inspired by partner work the duo brings new heights to acrobatic figures, six meters above the ground on a pole.Prepare for a modern act like you have never seen before.Irresistible charm mixed with a bit of humour makes it a vertical walk in the park.

A tribute to the wild decade with humor, good mood and acrobatic highlights. The success of the presentation is trusted in the hands of the once marvelous technological wonder; the gramophone.

Experience an aesthetic piece of art in aerial silks, high above the heads of the audience.Be amazed by the elegant figures and shocked by the drops from 6 meters.


"Simply magnificent! A show with great attention to detail, slow paced and awe inspiring.
For me it proves that it doesn't always have to be loud and over the top.
This is 30 minutes of circus, dance and theatre at the highest level!"
-Christopher D.

"Lovingly told story with great attention to detail and superbly presented circus techniques.
The lightness and joy makes the audience forget the difficulty of what is being shown."
-Christian S.

"I saw their performance at the garden show in Kaiserslautern
and found it so beautiful, so loving and warm.
You could escape from everyday life, relax and forget your daily worries."
-Eva S.

"Top-notch acrobatics wrapped in a wonderfully nostalgic little story.
Something to smile and marvel at. We were enthralled!"
-Leena R.

"A wonderful show, I am almost lost for words"
-Bettina W.

SpielArt, Hude
Strassenfestival, Werne
Waves festival, Vordingborg (DK)
K√ľstenkultur, Rostock
Lange Nacht der Kunst, Ahrenshoop
Sagenhaft und Schwindelfrei, Tux (AU)
Remscheider Sommer, Remscheid
Kulturufer, Friedrichshafen
Gauklerfest, Oelde
Bike’n’Art, Wedemark
Ronde Venen, Mijdrecht (NL)
Strelitzienfest, Neustelitz
Once upon a time, Dortmund
Elbefest, Magdeburg
Kleines Fest, Bad Pyrmont
Zwolle Unlimited, Zwolle NL
Open Ohr Festival, Mainz
Welttheater der Straße, Schwerte
Klinkerzauber, Schortens
Extraschicht Zeche Zollverein, Essen
Kulturuferfest, Bingen am Rhein
ViaThea, Görlitz
Von Nord nach West tour
Potsdamer Schlössernacht
Straattheaterfestival, Beveren (BE)
Kulturpflanzen, Celle
Good good festival, Göttingen
Federal Mogul, Leverkusen
Usedom Kleinkunstfestival
Gauklerfestung, Koblenz
K√ľnstler&Meer, Scharbeutz
Ma√Īana Ma√Īana (NL)
Zwarte Cross (NL)
Schlo√ü¬†Str√ľnkede, Herne
Extraschicht Gasometer, Oberhausen
Wintercircus Arlette Hanson (NL)
125 Jahre VDT, Hamburg
Lionsclub Concordia, Duisburg
Cirque Moustache (NL)
Airport Festival,¬†D√ľsseldorf
Atemzug Produktion "Metamorphoses Nocturnes"
Extraschicht, Bochum
Zirk, Uzbekistan (Uz)
Feuer und Eis Varieté, Geldern
International textile conference, Aachen
Circus Salto (NL)


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