25 or 45 minutes open-air performance

Like every other afternoon Mr & Mrs Twistly are rehearsing new dance steps in their livingroom interrupted by the occasional marital bickering.

And like every other afternoon, nothing goes as planed, courtesy of the kooky gramophone, which seems to have a life of its own.

Nothing on this afternoon goes according to plan, and both sympathetic characters tries, despite all the commotion to keep calm and keep up appearance.

Until suddenly the gramophone gives up.

The couple now needs to improvise, and out of urgency the living room is capable of adapting in surprising ways.

Experience the beauty and the absurd in living together. Acrobatic highlights on the Chinese Pole, aerial silks, whimsical surprises and poetry. All welcome!


Marie-Joelle Wolf

Yellow Count Production

Daniel Calledine

Lena Hermann

Klaudia Paas


Sarah Paas

Nicolas Schoffers


Zirkus- und Artistikzentrum Köln

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Graphic design

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The fantastic gramophone

of Mr. and Mrs. Twistly

25 minutes version

45 minutes version